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Scram Fans

Welcome Scram Fans!

First of all, thank you for helping show your support for local businesses! By sharing the love with Scramble, you are also sharing the love with not only the multitude of local farmers and vendors that help us bring these amazing meals to you, but also the local community. Last year alone we helped via donations and fundraisers, to over 126 of the Valley's schools, charities and various causes!

Below you will find links to our Gift Cards, Rewards Program and our VIP Email List.

Thank you and keep sharing the Local Love!

Purchase Scramble Gift Cards

Scramble Gift Cards make the perfect gift! No more worries about getting that special someone the right size or color!


Check Gift Card Balance

Already have a Scramble Gift Card and want to know how much is on it? Click below. 

Scramble Rewards

Get rewards for simply dining at Scramble. You can even earn rewards even when placing online orders! 

Scramble Rewards Balance

Already in our Rewards Program? You can look up your points balance below. 

VIP Email Sign Up

If you want to keep up to date, and be the first to learn about upcoming specials and activities, sign up today!

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